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Jake Borland, Fondateur de terroir.digital, marketing pour vigneron


My name is Jake Borland and I am the founder of terroir.digital. We're a small team of dedicated professionals based in Lyon. Our mission is to provide an all in one marketing and communication solutions to companies in the wine industry.

I personally have a great love for wine and I am passionate about photography and digital marketing. I started photography back in 2004 and it has been a passion which has never left me. In 2012, I set up company in Dubai where I managed all the digital marketing, from website creation to social media.

terroir.digital is service based company where I have brought together my passion for the wine industry and digital marketing to offer wine growers great visual communication.

Jake Borland

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Professional Photography for Wineries

Winemaking doesn't usually involve standing in a vineyard, swirling a glass of wine at golden hour, with perfectly coiffed hair.So, why do other photographers insist on photographing you that way?!Your audience wants to see that they are supporting real people with pulses and emotions;I help you tell the true story of how you get your fans' favorite wine into their hands with awesome behind-the-scenes images and effective social media marketing.


We help

Website Creation & Hosting

We create elegant and modern websites for wine growers to help them promote their wine online and the story that goes with it. Every winegrower is different, your story is too.

Photography & Video Content

We help develop your story by taking professional photographie and video content of your winery. From  product photography to interviews, we create beautiful content for your website, social media, and marketing.

Digital Marketing & Social Media

Customers must find it easy to find your. We take care of your search engine optimisation, Google My Business & Google Maps, customer reviews, Google & Facebook ads, social media, and blog articles.

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We have a true passion for winemakers and we love their art. Over the years, we have met many amazing producers which have incredible products and stories to tell. A full-time marketing team is expensive, terroir.digital makes it affordable.


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We are here to help winegrowers take their digital communication into the 21st century. We understand it can be overwhelming to get started or move to the next level. That's why we're here, to make things as simple and straightforward for you so you can focus on what you do best, taking care of your estate and producing great wine.

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